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Social work is a profession concerned with providing services for people who need help to make fundamental improvements in their lives. This work is multi-faceted and involves support for every age group and a wide variety of social, physical and mental health issues. One of those aspects is supporting people who are struggling to come to terms with loss.

This taster course is designed to cover two main areas; first, it will introduce participants to the concepts of loss, grief, change and transition. It will provide opportunities to further explore how such concepts apply in real life, and by means of case studies, it will invite participants to expand their understanding through self-reflection exercises. 

Welcome to Exploring Environmental Conservation.

In this free online course, Dr. Debbie Bartlett will help you see our planet through the eyes of an environmental conservationist.

You will investigate what we mean by the environment, examine factors that influence the environment for better or worse, and consider how we all impact upon these processes – on local and global scales. If you’re curious about options for further study, or you want to know how you could make a career in this field, Debbie will also show how to get more involved as a student or a professional.

Register now to become part of an exciting community of environmental conservationists, and take an important step towards helping to protect our planet.

Welcome to Planning My Future.

Planning My Future is an engaging and fun way for school and college students to explore and learn about skills and employability. It has been designed to encourage learners to reflect on your own career interests and how your personal characteristics are suited to a chosen career. You will also learn how to research career opportunities for yourself, what skills are needed for specific careers and how to develop the skills you lack.

You will consider 'Where am I at?', 'Where do I want to be?' and 'How will I get there?' using a range of activities developed to encourage you to reflect, assess and record. Throughout the process you will be asked to record your thoughts and highlight areas for development. By the end of the programme you will be able to produce a Personal Development Plan and understand the different progression routes to achieve your goal. 

Applying for Uni

How do I know which course is right for me? At what University? How do I finance my study? How do I apply? What is a personal statement and how do I write one?

The HE Application Journey is an interactive online tool to help students prepare their UCAS applications. A time-line illustrates the stages of the UCAS application process with useful signposts, hints and tips.

The resource is packed with information and activities to help students to research universities and courses, as well as prepare for Open Days.

It also contains a useful personal statement tool to help students kick-start writing their personal statement with bite-sized activities that can used in the classroom or individually.

The Independent Learners’ Toolkit is an online game experience that will help raise students’ awareness of the independent nature of university life. Research shows that many students are unprepared for the transition from school or college to university and that the more we can help students to prepare for this change, the more likely they will be to succeed and achieve.